Bedroom Art – Choosing The Right Feature Wall Color


Many interior designers have started off as artists before branching out into home décor and more. If you’re worried about whether you need to have the skills or experience of an artist in order to bring out the best in your bedroom, the answer is no!

A beautiful head-board that is well placed in a bedroom might be all you need to transform your room into a high-end, stylish hotel-like sanctuary that you’ve only ever dreamed of. Even neutral colored walls can look very comforting and chic, as long as your room space isn’t cluttered with highly contrasting colors of your furniture and other miscellaneous bedroom items.

Perhaps all you need a modern-era painting that can accentuate your personality. It sometimes helps to go bold with your colors. You do not have to choose matching colors and textures when it comes to say, the wallpapers or wall-features of your room.

For instance, black and white themed bedrooms have always been the standard with you think of a modern-classical mix themed bedroom. This is not necessarily so, especially if you have a very large bedroom. In such an instance, staying with just black and white colors can be too plain. The gallery wall should be your main concern in this case. Frame an art painting that has consistent colors up on your main feature wall. Alternatively, you could choose a pair of symmetrical paintings that can be joined up to form a full picture for a much stronger statement.

Balance, again, isn’t necessary when it comes to decorating your bedroom. Most people define art rather liberally, so it’s really a matter of preference as opposed to being right or wrong. The color palette of your room can be the star here. You only need to watch out for the potentially jarring colors of your bedsheet or pillow cases. This will also change depending on the seasons of the year. Going for the blue/white nautical theme might seem like a good idea on a hot summer day, but as it nears winter, such colors would be downright depressing.

Art in your bedroom is very much like this. You could go for the most striking paintings but come fall and the mood might change considerably. I guess my point here is that you shouldn’t be too rigid in your choice of bedroom colors. Go easy and just add on additional features and furniture as you see fit instead of going all out right at the beginning and purchasing entire sets of furniture. You might end up in deep regret as realization dawns upon you that the color themes just don’t go that well together.

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